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There are some crimes that are hard to forgive. For siblings Emily and Jesse, it is their last chance to visit their mother who is to be executed for murdering their father in one month. As others try to convince them that their mother has changed, Emily and Jesse have to come to terms with the fact that sometimes you have no control over what in your past you can forget. Based on a true story, Forgive-Me-Not is an exploration of how families can survive when pushed to the most extreme limits, and whether change and redemption are possible in these situations. The siblings are split in two as they must decide whether they can forgive or forgive-me-not.

Date 8-10 December 2016
Location Ziferblat, Manchester
Price Pay what you feel


Emily – Sophie Graci

Jesse – Sam Ebner-Landy

Mel – Anshula Bain

Monique – Catherine Snow

Rachel – Iona Champain


Written by Georgia Affonso

Directed and Produced by Sarah Teale