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An Evening With The Voices In Annie’s Head

Annie walks around with television presenters in her head narrating every stupid thing that she does (like all of us- right?!). Join imaginary TV presenters Kendra and Ken Kenderson (not very original are you Annie?) for An Evening with the Voices in Annie’s Head and watch as Annie bumbles and mumbles her way through the simplest of social interactions (oh just shut up now Annie).

Date 14-27 August 2017
Location Paradise in Augustines (studio), Edinburgh


Annie –  Stella Ryley

Kendra Kenderson – Mia Nuttgens

Ken Kenderson – Dominic Varney

Peter – Nick de Jong

Bethany – Georgia Carney


Written and Directed by Sarah Teale

Produced by Georgia Affonso

Music by Daniel Mawson

Poster artwork by Cecilia Wray

Graphics by Sam Gee